Friday, September 4, 2009

Why Do Dogs Eat Poo?

I mean seriously! People ask me if using cloth diapers is hard or gross or a pain. Really, it's not. Except when the DOG gets ahold of one of the diapers. It grosses me out to clean up after that...and to think that he was super excited about getting a hold of it. Bleh!

OK, so I have a friend who's a blogger...well several, but only one who's blog I've read with any regularity. She's an amazing inspiration to me!

Ok so I'm going to try to throw my SIL a surprize casserole baby shower. She threw one for me (not a surprize) and it was just amazing....going to try to repay the favor :) We'll see how it works.

Been a long time

Ok, so the last time I posted here I had just found out I was, the little one is over six months old. Just goes to show.

So I'm bored tonight. Had ALMOST gotten up the gumption to go to IKEA....need to get their silverware for preschool co op. Each kid gets his/her own color. Good idea. I have the whole set sans the flatware. Then M fell asleep. On me. Got up...she's still asleep....can't go to IKEA. Can't even just cram her in the car...she's in her bathing suit.

Thinking about going to see this mystic healer guy tonight. Not sure what to do with the kids. Thinking of the B girls who just got their babysitter certification...but M's only been with a sitter once and I'm after being difficult to put to bed last night with Daddy, I'm not sure I want to leave her with the poor B girls.

S is fussing...but who can blame her, she's sitting on the floor while I'm typing this. Should really go outside on this awesome day... bad mommy.