Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Must Have Faith Like A Child...aka my kid is awesome

Back in November, my oldest (6yo) and I were talking about works of mercy (one of which is feeding the poor) and we were trying to purge through clothes and toys that were perfectly good things, but that we didn't need anymore. She got her mind wrapped around the idea of feeding the less fortunate and didn't look back! She was first just going to ask people for money, but then decided that she would likely raise more if she made some marvelous works of art and sold them. She decided that she would come up with a variety of things from which people could choose and she would tell them all about her cause…then of course people would purchase her treasures and she would have money to buy food for those in need. She worked for two solid weeks. She made murals, drawings, 3D paper cat (complete with leash for walks, of course), paper hats, boats, working airplanes, picture books, I can’t even remember what else. Over Thanksgiving week, she laid out her pieces and drew people one or two at a time to the table. She explained what each thing was and what her project was and pointedly asked which item they would like to purchase to help the poor. For those of you who have ever met this kid, you know what a feat that in itself is. The parental pride was welling to the brim already. At the end of the week, she had $66. She could hardly contain herself and went to work making grocery lists. Then, as can be expected, life happened. We got the stomach bug. Then we had colds. Then I had the front end of mastitis. Needless to say, the work of mercy got put on the back burner…but her $66 was tucked neatly away in my cosmetic bag, of all places, just waiting to bless someone. And boy, does the Holy Spirit have great timing. Wanting to take care of this before Christmas (while we’re in Advent, a time when we are supposed to focus on preparation and added works of mercy), we were planning to talk to the giving ministry at church. Before I could even make that phone call, a came across a young family just having had their first child who really needed some help. I had such a sweet conversation with the mother and we came up with some ideas of what would help them most acutely. Tonight, my daughter and I finalized her shopping list and she and her daddy (after adding $6.26 from her piggy bank) headed to the store to shop! I can’t tell you how perfect this is. At the beginning, my daughter said she wanted to buy the food and take it to someone’s house. I, in my adult way of looking at things, am trying to prepare her for what will likely be a drop off at the church annex to be distributed as the people there saw fit…which would still have been wonderful and worthwhile. But God has a way of answering specific prayers of the faithful. So, tomorrow afternoon, my amazing kid and I are going to drop off the fruits of her labor at the home of a young, new family. I am beaming.