Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So here are my calzones! I made the dough, let it rise and punched it down (again and again because I wasn't quite ready for it and it kept rising).

I chose to make several small calzones, but I suppose you could do a big one as well. So, roll it out....put a dollop of filling...the one I used was

Use a pizza cutter to cut strips on each side of the filling. This would have been a great time to involve M, but I thought it was Thursday and I was running late for small group...when in fact it's Wednesday and I had a big fat nothing going on I did it myself.

Next, "braid" the dough by overlapping the strips. All you do is alternate sides and then pinch the ends. Super easy and kinda pretty!

Here's a finished one.

Put them on a baking sheet that you sprinkled with corn meal (to help keep them from sticking) and brush with the egg and milk wash per the recipe. You can see that I over-filled a few of them, but it didn't make too much of a mess. The wash makes the dough crisp up and brown up nicely!

Here's a few close-ups.....they almost look fake :)

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