Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stay at home mommy/unschooling moment

So today (and I'm going to have to eat humble pie on this one) I uncovered a book I SWORE (and the poor lady went looking for) I had returned to the library...oops....but I'm glad I found it. I had thought up an idea (after looking at loooots of ideas for crafts with letters...with the grand plan of making an ABC book....not quite there yet).

So we read our book:And we talked about the rainbow that God sent at the end of the story. M made a rainbow with her body. (she also made a giraffe and an elephant)

Then we got to the business of making our rainbow. This is my new non-toxic paint that I got from Park + Vine. I love it. It smells a little funny, but works great! Gotta get me some more colors!

So the idea was to cut an "R" out of construction paper and have M glue it down, but she was getting impatient...and this was spur of the Sharpie it is!

Also the idea was to make the rainbow with dots...but again, M had different ideas. I drew lines for S, but let M tackle it on her own.

They had a blast. I had to wipe off fingers from time to time, but all in all, not too bad.

And then we watched a Signing Time video about the colors of the rainbow and M sang along...


Mariah said...

I LOVE the rainbow painting. VERY VERY cute. always come up with cute crafts...and often spur of the moment. I'm impressed. We've been doing pretty great not schooling our girls but I've slacked off a bit in the craft department lately. Keep it are doing awesome!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks. I had this one rolling around in my head for a while....honestly, it took more effort to clear the kitchen table than to put the craft together :)

I have a great one for apples and one for owls rolling around up there too...but only so much greatness in one day, right? ;)