Monday, March 14, 2011

My Intention is Set

Happy Monday!

It's going to be a looong week. Lots of single-parenting, lots of catching up to do, no room for sickness or whining......we'll see about those last two.

To catch you up: Last Thursday was my monthly La Leche League meeting. I missed it because I had a sick kid and no car (Ben's car was in the shop and so he had mine...but I had a sick kid anyway, so it doesn't really matter). It got me to thinking....I had missed the previous month's meeting due to illness as well...and at that point, we'd already been sick for more than a that means, we've been sick for the better part of two months....yikes! Not continuously...and not the same person or the same illness...and we've had spots of brightness...but really....two months of can imagine what that's done to my house...and our diet. Last week, when I felt like I was at risk of bed sores on my back end from sitting in the recliner for most of four days, I had a sickie who would cry when I put her down to use the bathroom.....she was sooo not going to go for me putting her down for a few hours to make bread and amazing needless to say, we ate a lot of pbandj, pizza, salami sammies and the well as a lot worse. I kept thinking of Deann and Marlene and hanging my head in shame.

But we're snapping out of it! My sickie from last week still isn't 100% better (in fact, she's sitting on my lap coloring while I'm writing...but hey, at least we're not in the recliner!), but we're going to plow ahead. I have goals for the week, tasks for today and the forecast is for sunshine at least a few days this week :) Oh, and I set my intention!

I set my intention!

Did you hear that?! I set my intention!

Now all I have to do is remember that.

Will you help me? If you think about it...or any point that you're having trouble staying focused and getting done what you need to get done, will you say a prayer for me? Just that God (gently) nudge me back on track and remind me of my intention and my purpose. No acedia here this week!!!

With your help, and particularly God's help, I'll get this train back on track!!

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