Thursday, December 8, 2011

For Days When One Status Update Just Isn't Enough.

1. Coke Zero soooo does NOT taste like real Coke.

2. Metal Chipotle lids make EXCELLENT paint holders for kid crafts....or glue holders.

3. Boys are different from girls. It's not nurture. It's nature. They're just different. So far, in my house, a golf club has always been a golf club. A straw is a straw. And my son? Crawling out of sheer willpower.

4. Everyone thinks their children are brilliant. Mine actually are.

5. I have an issue with pride.

6. I put my son on the floor on his back. That gives me about a 10 second head start on whatever I need to do before he's gotten into something he shouldn't. (See #3)

7. Eating a Chipotle bowl with a fork is eternally frustrating. One really needs an over sized spoon to effectively shovel.

8. I've come to realize that denying that Mary was kept pure from original sin and made full of grace is to deny that Christ was fully human. In order to hold and grow Christ in her womb, she would have HAD to be fully pure because sin cannot be in contact with God.

9. My favorite quote these days goes something like this: When a woman looks at you and says "What?" it's not that she didn't hear you, it's that she's giving you a chance to change what you said.

10. See #5

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