Friday, November 2, 2012

When One Status Update Just Isn't Enough

So the youngest has apparently wandered into the wonderful world of night the same time (perhaps due to?) as cutting four molars at one time....oh and poops 4-5 times A DAY! You know, like a newborn...except it's not EBF newborn's big boy...ok, I'll stop. It's gross. Anyway....and the dishes aren't done because I spent the day going through Mt. Mail on the kitchen table. And the vacuum cleaner is broken so my snotty son looks like he's been tar and feathered. And the fruit flies are taking over the bathroom. And money's tight and my pelvis is disfunctional. But I still have power. And running water. And no one's bombing my house. And (despite the fact that I want to reach through the phone and punch the next political caller I get) I live in a country where I get to vote for my leaders. My daddy taught me never to wish away time...but I'll tell ya, I can't wait for the next four days to be behind us! Of course I believe this is an important election. And I really do think that it's not a simple difference of opinion in an "agree to disagree" sort of way. I do believe it's a decision between two completely different philosophies of governing and that there is a LOT at stake. But I just want it to be over. At this point, most people have made up their mind and frankly, for those who haven't, I'm not seeing a whole lot of effort being made to convince or sway...mostly just battering and belittling those who are the other side of the fence from you. Very little "Here's why my guy is better" and more "You're a feeble minded ignorant fool (or worse) for beliving what you believe". Hooray for tolerance. My kids were Saints for the eve of All Saints Day. Well, at this point, they're saints every day...being beyond their Baptisms and before the age of reason...though I think one is getting close. Anyway, why not take the opportunity to learn more about the holy men and women of the past? Also, what's the point of Halloween? Have fun dressing up and pretending to be something your not and begging for candy....done and done...AND the added bonus of extending our faith...both in our own learning as well as exposing others to something that could enrich their lives. And for all us femanists out there, we learned (reinforced) that so much of Catholic history was carried on the shoulders of strong women. Now my daughters know that Joan of Arc was a "super tough girl!" So I've started driking apple cider vinegar. Well, I'm on day two. And let me just tell you. It. Is. Awful. This had better change my life, knock my socks off, blow my hair back...and fast. I have several friends who do it, some take a shot, some do it mixed with water through a straw, and some add honey etc. I hear it's amazing and cures 101 woes...but did I mention it's awful? I have opted (for my first and only two days) to mix mine with water and add a few drops of my vanilla stevia extract. That makes it at least potable. I guess I got used to tonic water, though I still gag at wheat grass juice. This being healthy crap is for the birds! Insert witty conclusion that ties my thoughts together in a cohesive and satisfying way. My and my disfunctional pelvis and throbbing head are gonna go lie down and bask in how great my screaming, tooth-cutting, children are :)

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