Friday, July 30, 2010

*New* Computer

So I got a new to me computer today. It's perfect. I really don't need it to do anything fancy....but perhaps I'll be a blogger now...and low and behold, it does that! And all through the generosity of another.

If we were all just a little more generous, what would the world be like. I don't mean that everyone has to give away a computer. But if everyone gave away what they really didn't need anymore....if everyone gave until it hurt a little...or a lot.....if everyone found *something* to give to the Lupis Foundation....or AmVets....each time they called rather than saying "I just made a large donation" even when it's not actually true. Not that I know anyone who does that.

During Lent, I heard people talk about 40 bags in 40 days. Some have said a room a week.....or a room a day. What if we really did that? What if we gave not just from our excess but gave away a food item that we like? Or a dress that's new? Or a toy that still gets used and isn't broken or worn out?

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