Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where to Begin

Wow. So I know I haven't written in a while. Today is February 26th....a month since M's first birthday a few more days she'll be 13 months old! Things are crazy around here! She's been walking for real for about a month and a half now...out of control! The squeaky shoes really help (Thank You Fella Bella Shoppe!). It's better than a cow bell, right? Especially since her big thing these days is closing doors. So I'll hear her go down the hall and then a moment later, I'll hear our bedroom door close. It's a fun game...but the puppies hate it because they get kicked out of the room so I can close the door. Right now their bed is in the hallway.

So I heard about something a while back that I wasn't sure would be good for us, but I tried it and it was fantastic! You'll see, in a few of the pictures I sent (if you didn't see the Shutterfly pictures and would like to, just let me know and I'll shoot them right out to you!), M eating out of an ice cube tray. Total genius idea (that I didn't think of)! I put all kinds of finger foods in it (cheerios, broccoli, black beans, shredded cheese, chicken, peas, etc) and she munches while she plays. I was finding that she was getting bored in her high chair before she was finished eating! And honestly, with only a few slip-ups, the dogs have really left it alone (as long as I was in the room...if I left the room, all bets are off....I mean, they ARE puppies!)

My cutiest baby in the world is also into primping these days...she'll use a comb, brush, fingers, whatever, to brush her hair...and brush the puppies' hair. Speaking of puppies, watching M "love" the puppies is the cutest thing ever! She pats them and then lays her head down on their belly or back or head or whatever!

Things around here are pretty normal these days...doing the Southern Living thing...B still working and applying for graduation....THAT'S RIGHT! I SAID APPLYING FOR GRADUATION! I'm so excited and I can hardly stand it!!!! As of right now, it looks like he's going to graduate FOR REAL in August and "walk" this May! I can't believe it!! Did I mention that we're excited. He's worked so hard for so long and not only is the end in's actually on the calendar!

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