Friday, January 11, 2008

A girl usually marries a man like her father

So my husband is in our daughter's room with our daughter. He's reading her stories. It reminds me of when my dad used to read to me when I was a little girl. Sometimes they were picture books...when I was a little older, it was a chapter a night of a longer book.....but always, there were made up stories.

There were two types of stories he told. One was about a little girl named Sarah (of course) who had a magical bunny friend. The bunny was tiny and would sit on Sarah's shoulder under her hair all day while Sarah was at school and then after school, the bunny would shrink Sarah down to miniature size as well and they would run off and have adventures in the forest.

The second set of stories had five characters: Haras, Luap, Eus, Elyk, and Ohcnop. (My family: Sarah, Paul, Sue, Kyle, and Poncho (the dog)). I don't remember any of the things that happened to these people....but I do remember going through the "cast" with my dad. He would always forget someone and it was up to me to remember who he forgot.

I guess our family would be Haras (call it a spin-off), Nimajneb, Airam, Yzzid, and Selim. What will their adventures be? Hopefully there'll be another member of the cast soon. Only God knows on that one.

So yeah, we're trying to have another baby. Last month, we decided to be more than just actually try...well, we were on the cruise for the most fertile part of the month...and sex on the cruise was great for the first few days...but then we were either out late and then tired, or one of us was back in the room with Maria and the other one was out late. So I think we just missed ovulation....we weren't so good at sticking to the "every other day" method of Phase II. So we're trying again this month. We're on track so far....I think I'm at the peak of Phase II right now and last night...... It helps to have a sexy husband (sorry Jo....oh wait, I'm not apologizing in this medium....I take it back!).

I proposed tonight that if we're not preggers this month that we go to a whenever-we-want to method because that worked for Maria and having sex on a schedule is a lot of pressure and sometimes not fun! for example, if we have sex on day 8 and then are frisky on day 9, we stifle...but then on day 10, we're exhausted, or Maria won't go to bed, or Ben's working late, or we miss that day all together! Who knows. Creating a child was crazy enough the first time. I can't believe we're going to do it again.

How cool is that! Being co-creators with GOD!! So cool. To take part in orchestrating a miracle! And to have it be so fun! The awesomeness of it all isn't lost on me. Nor is the amazingness of having a living creature inside of me...and then outside of me. I just can't even wrap my head around it all sometimes.

So I miss Healing Touch. I think rather than writing about it, I'm going to go do some on my husband!


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Mariah said...

I liked the part about Not apologizing. I think we should agree to speak our minds on here and that we should hold each other to it. We will be praying for you guys. For patience while you wait... We love you.