Friday, January 11, 2008

So I ran across a former student of mine on Facebook. We have a mutual "friend". Which I thought was kind of odd since this mutual friend is my age (ahem...30....) and I wondered why my 30-year-old friend was friends with this (ooo...Jeremy may even be 31...that's way worse than 30, right?) 17-year-old former student of mine....turns out they're cousins...who knew!

So I've been messaging back and forth with this young man...will call him Horace....why Horace? Because everyone always uses "Bob" and I wanted to be original. Anyway, I've been messaging with Horace and thinking...I really liked this kid...he was really neat and I'm glad to be in touch with him and am interested in what's going on in his life....but what's a 30-year-old doing chatting with a 17-year-old?!?! Never fear, we've been talking about volleyball and college applications. It sucks that someone can't take an interest in a former student without it seeming strange!

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