Monday, August 2, 2010

All things bright and beautiful

I finally got out to my garden with my camera this morning. I go visit my plants (and pick worms off my broccoli...grrr...every morning or at some point the day. I always forget my camera and figure that I should only trust Mrs. Pteranodon to watch my kids for so long. But today I remembered!!

Sweet potatoes that I started on my window sill....I didn't cut and dry the pieces before planting. We're just winging it. Saw sweet potato plants used as ground cover at the Cincinnati Zoo (they're so smart there!). I may do that next year. Toss a little compost in the flower bed (tho, unfortunately, not the same stuff we used this year....not broken down enough.....too many weeds!) and a bunch of sweet potatoes....pretty ground cover!

Pumpkin flower. Hopefully we'll get some pumpkins! Did you know there was actually a pumpkin shortage last year? Try getting a can of pumpkin pie filling and see how it goes. Ben made up a recipe for a pumpkin soup last year during was awesome, but expensive because pumpkin puree was sooooo hard to come by!

A baby pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!

Oregano. Thought it looked pretty. I love things in nature with a little bluish tint.

Thyme. Smells soooo good. I have waaaay more than I can use because I really don't know what to use thyme with.....used some in spago sauce and some in herby bread. So if you want some fresh thyme, come on by!

Ok, so I have more photos......perhaps in another post.


Meg said...

Thyme makes a GREAT ground cover/fill in plant! I'm actually planning to do a whole bed of it under our front tree next year. It's cheap, smells great, spreads fast and looks fabulous.

Sarah Kroger said...

Good call. I have several things I want to do in my non-veggie garden beds next year. I have a friend who did her asparagus in her flower bed. It makes a nice whispy tall green...and you don't get a harvest the first year, so I don't want it in my sq ft garden because I will turn that over each year. I might also do garlic in a flower bed.....but that tends to look like a weed the second year.

Mara said...

Thyme is my FAVORITE! :) It goes SO well with chicken and duck. It's really good in minestrone, too. Let me know if you ever get back to dairy. I have the BEST French recipe for a duck or chicken pasta bake casserole that uses tons of thyme and onion. Yum!

Sarah Kroger said...

Ahhhh, zee Fronch...where every recipe starts with a pound of butter....mmmmmmmmm. I wish.