Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's Done?

Thank you, Mariah! I LOVE the idea (apparently, Matt's, but awesome regardless of who thought it up!) of a "What's Done" list.

So several of us have been stressing about the mountains of things to get done and the few tasks we can actually cross off our lists having completed them fully. I know I I'm sitting here with my sewing machine in the back ground and the Jenga tower of dishes in my sink. It's a fun game's time for dinner...which dish can I pull out and wash without the entire stack crashing into a gajillion pieces?

What if we all took Matt's advice: For a few days (the number depending on just how behind and overwhelmed you are), don't make a to do list. Instead, make a "What's Done?" list. What have you accomplished? Even if it's "Everyone's still alive". That's my crowning moment for today for sure. At the end of the day, you'll have a long long list. So what if it's still Jenga in the kitchen or a natural disaster in the toy've got a lot to smile about.

“My smile is a great mantle which covers a multitude of sufferings.” (Blessed Mother Teresa)


Mariah said...

Hey, Your what's done list looks a lot like mine.

I just think it is awesome to look at your day and be able to say to yourself, "Oh look snuggled, read books, kept various people alive....that got done today."

I love you, Sarah! You are just the wife and mother that your family needs.

Shaina said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah! sort of like a "gratitude list"...