Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Friend I Never Knew I Had

So it's very strange to me to have a close friend who doesn't even know me. Whom I've never met. Someone I might not even recognize if she walked past me (though that probably wouldn't happen because I live in Ohio and she lives in Florida). Someone who feels like talking to a close friend even though we've never met or talked or emailed or anything.

I think if we did meet, we'd either be instant BFFs or kill each other :)

So I've stumbled across this blog (as in, someone recommended it to me when I asked my FB "Friends" what blogs they read) and the author resonates with me. Really. Her content, her style, the voice of her writing. I know there are things we don't have in common, but on more than one occasion I feel like she peeks into my life and then writes about it....or at least into my head.

In some ways, she's who I *want* to be.....and I think that too is a great quality in a friend. Recently, she talked about her friend living La Vie Boehem (she didn't call it that, but that's what it called to mind) and how she was a bit jealous....but didn't want to give up who she was and what she had either. I sooo feel that way...but I think it translates well. A good friend is someone one who, even if you wouldn't give up what you have to have their life, they make you want to be better at a part of your life.

Yesterday, my new blog bestie posted what was in her purse. It was so organized it almost seemed like a put on....there wasn't a single crumb or piece of trash or old box of raisins to be found....I think the inside of her bag was even clean. Even her clutter (all contained in a small red bag within the big bag) was organized. Oooooohhhh, how wonderful! That would be one area where she would make me want to be better.

She's also so faithful to her blog. She's clearly a writer...and a good one. I can totally see her sitting in the interview tapping on the side of her head to coax the bug out (it's a laugh out loud post!). I've actually been pretty good about blogging this week and I hope I can keep it up. I miss journaling and I'm not sure that this is an acceptable replacement, but it's working for now.

It's a strange beast, blogging. I think it may satisfy our inner narcissist. We share our thougths and feelings in a psuedo private way....all the while hoping someone will read and comment....because if we didn't want anyone to comment and we *really* wanted to keep private, we wouldn't post it on the internet!

Anyway, if you have a chance, check out Confessions of a Young Married Couple ( I haven't read much in her other blogs, but the Marriage Confessions are pretty great.

And Katie, if you ever read this....which I doubt, but I'm putting it in here anyway....I promise I'm not a crazy stalker who thinks she knows all there is to know about you.....I just like to read what you write....and like any good friend, you inspire me to be better. Thanks!

SK ><>


Sarah Kroger said...

Just FYI, I don't think this blogger is my best friend...or a close friend...or a friend at all. All I mean is that, LIKE a close friend, she makes me want to be better in parts of my life. LIKE a close friend, I feel like we have things in common...that kind of thing.

I haven't TOTALLY lost it and turned to making friends who don't know I exist....

Katie said...

What a sweet post, Sarah! I have no doubt that we would be besties in real life, too! Blogging is so strange because, in a lot of ways, my readers know me even better than real people in my life. It's a lot easier to tell dirty secrets behind a computer screen! So, if that's true, then you're, like, one of my BESTEST besties! :)

Enjoy your weekend and keep up the blogging!

~ Katie