Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More things bright and beautiful!

My brussells sprouts...beginning to wonder if I'm going to get anything other than leaves.

Serano peppers.

Baby broccoli. With NO leafage right around it thanks to one very fat and very fast worm!

My other baby broccoli....fairing a bit better than the one above.

My attempt at being artsy......Water droplets on my heirloom tomato.
My tomatillo that *something* is munching. Lots of flowers but no fruit as of yet.

The basil that's trying to take over the world! (with the Johnny come lately red leaf lettuce in the background). I've seriously gotta make some pesto for the winter! When I'm really on the ball, I make it and freeze it in an ice cube tray....then you have *just* enough for eggs, or sauce or whatever....and if you need a big batch, just add more cubes!

One of my sweet peppers. It's a "chocolate" pepper...which, I think, only means that it turns brown rather than red or yellow. It's pretty big, but not very fat. Not sure when I should pick it.

My three "chocolate" peppers.

There are a few things I didn't snap photos of. The carrots look mostly like a bunch of weeds and there's one tomato plant that isn't doing anything exciting yet as well as cantaloupe that's just a tiny plant. But this is more or less my first shot ever at growing anything. We'll try again next year with a bit of experience under our belt!

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