Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy Bees

So I had five girls under 4 (yes, UNDER 4....the oldest will be 4 in a few weeks, the next one 4 in Jan, the next one 3 in Oct, then 2 in Feb, and 1 in Sept...did I get that right, Mariah?). We had a great day! I thought we should let Momma know what we'd done today in a fun way. I got this idea from an ABC activity. This was the craft she did for B week. I thought it would be fun to put the bees at the top and write what was fun underneath. Thanks to Amy for the paper!

Sorry there are no shots during the process....I was doing paint on the feet of four little girls (the baby was asleep). In hind sight, I should have done both feet...I was only going to do one bee...but it was super easy to stamp the same foot twice. Also, if I did it again, I'd only paint the big toe and turn that into the stinger or something.

So, it's an upside down foot in yellow. I did three stripes as an example on one and each girl did the stripes on the other one. The eyes are a finger tip dipped in white. Once it dried, I drew the rest of the eyes, the antennae, the mouth and wings with a sharpie.

Then, I asked each girl (except S, I just did hers) what they liked about the day and wrote it below on the lines.

She's showing off her work.

She stood there and read them over and over! It was really sweet.

She wanted one more picture :)


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