Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is It Cheating?

So, I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, it's no secret. There are a few that I read regularly (those listed on my main page) and I always click through a few "next blog"s on blog spot just to see what pops up. Inevitably, I see something I like and I stop to read. I always see something I like among my friends' posts. It makes me think and then inspires me to write.

But is that cheating? Because it's not my own idea, it's just *my* version of someone else's idea. *I* could write about doing laundry or a letter to my grandparents. *I* could write about nighttime parenting struggles. *I* could write about homeschooling. But I don't.

I decided to get back to blogging in hopes that I would write *something* every day. In that vein, it doesn't matter if I just write my version of someone else's post.....but I still feel like it's kind of cheating....so rather than taking time to formulate some real thoughts and post on my blog....I vomit my initial thoughts as a comment on THEIR blogs....at least it's something, right?

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