Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clean Up Bags

Warning: Messy Toy Room Photos Ahead!

And this is just one corner of the room! Yes that's a potty...we're pre-training. Every doll and stuffed animal in the house sits on the potty now.

Good thing we have alllll those shelves, huh? Reeeallllly helps us stay organized. M is super good at picking up 5 things at a time throughout the day, but as you can see, 5 things at a time and she'll be out of college before it's all picked up. What to do? What to do? Because clearly this domestic goddess can't be bothered to do it all herself. Who would take pictures and blog about it?!

So I get three grocery bags and put a different letter on each one.

Turns out we needed two "B" bags and could have used a "P" bag as well.

Then, M's job is find things that start with each letter and place them in the bag. Bbbblock. Dddddoll. Rrrrrred thing. I was pretty impressed when she told me her Wonder Red Doll could go in either the "D" or the "R" bag!

Hey, at least she's not nekkid....and she's picking up Bbbbbooks.

I'm still going to have to empty and put away the things in the bags, but at least they're up off the floor and we can count it as a phonics lesson for the day!
Happy Cleaning!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! We'll have to do this someday soon. We've been doing phonics lessons on line but I'd love to do more hands on moving around since I believe that is Rowan's learning style.