Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Day of Failures and My Awesome Attitude

So today started at 6:00 AM. And I'm ok with that. Just for geography, S was just waking (this was the third time in her LIFE that she's slept "all night") in M's bed. M was in my bed with me and Ben was downstairs (it's cooler and he had to get up this morning and didn't want to wake anyone else when his alarm went off. Seriously, it nearly gives me a heart attack when it goes off in our room it's so loud....which is why it's extra *alarming* (ha ha) when I don't hear his alarm go off...because seriously, it's loud. It's on his phone. And it startles me so much that I have to consciously regulate my breathing to slow my heart rate after it's woken me up.).

So when S woke up, I was going to bring her back to bed with me (and M) and catch a few more zzzzz....until I rolled over and realized that M had wet the bed (she's 3 1/2 and has been diaper-free since 19 mos....she doesn't wet the bed). But I wasn't mad. I really felt bad for her. I'm sure this was due to her near drowning incident yesterday (and I'm not exaggerating. Had it not been for Ronelle (add this to the TOP of the list of the reasons she's awesome from my previous post), M would have drowned. It was bad enough that I made her sleep propped up with me (and I didn't sleep much) to make sure that she didn't dry drown overnight) and the amount of water she swallowed in the process. In addition, I let her have some mama before going to bed because I was just happy she was alive...her belly and her throat hurt and I would have given her a pony if it'd had made her feel better (well, not really, because, again, no farm animals within the city limits).

So anyway, she peed in the bed. So we all just got up.

I made bacon and egg sammies for everyone....including Daddy before he left....and I thought to myself, Self, there's no reason we can't make it to Mass have like 2 hours to get everyone going.

8:15 came and fact, we were late for 9:00 Mass at St. Philip....but we went anyway and got our Jesus on!

So, at 9:30/9:45, we're headed to Marvin's Organic Gardens ( to pick up our veggie box. My parents' house is in between St. Philip and MOG, so I call to see if we can stop by. Mom says sure and we're on our way. So, I see a few yard sale signs on my way and (due to my addiciton), I have to stop. This means it's like 10:30 before we get to my parents' so we can stay for like 30 seconds because we still have to pick up the box, drop it at home and make it to Sharonville Ruby Tuesdays at noon.

Hi Mom, Hi Dad....Bye Mom, Bye Dad. And we're off.

Get to Marvins at like 11:00 (much later than I like because my box has been sitting in the heat since 9:00 and my veggies are melting).....and there are no veggie boxes.....they haven't arrived.

Soooooo, now what? Too early to go straight to RT's, but too late to go home (unpack the car, breathe in and out a few times, load up the car, no thank you) and S has fallen asleep in the back seat (because she was up at 6 am) and M is freaking out because she wanted to eat something out of the veggie box...which we don't have.

Sooooo, I stop at a little roadside stand I like on 42 and buy some peaches (and pickling cucumbers, by the by....we're going to give that a shot this week) so M will stop wailing in the back....and stop by the Mason "Farmers' Market" to get some corn. Every summer I say I'm going to buy a ton of ears when they're cheap and then cut it off the cob and freeze it for winter. I'm thinking I'm recovering from my box not being there....but now I don't have time to stop at off to RT's we go.

Lunch was nice (Ruby Tuesday's actually has quite an awesome df menu!) and the girls were well-behaved...thank goodness for aquadoodle and slap jack. I had to take my fruit in with me, but that wasn't too big of a deal. I'm just glad I didn't forget it.

So I call Nature's Garden Delivered on my way home and Annemarie is going to deliver my box to my house since there was a mix up with the drop off this morning. Her timing was perfect....just after our 3 minute down pour....with my box.....that contained 1/2 a dozen ears of corn and as many peaches. I just laughed.

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