Friday, August 6, 2010

Willow House, Here I Come!

It came today! My fall Enhancement Kit from Willow House! It was full of beautiful Willow House products that will compliment the favorites that I already have! Let's take a tour, shall we? Let's! (That's S in the background....can't bear to stay out of the shot :)

The Annabelle Iron Votives. Great as candle holders of course, but a cute presentation for candy, skinny breadsticks, or a gift certificate.
Ahhh, the Alfresco Deep Dish Pie Plate. Oven safe and Beautiful!! I have it tipped up on it's side so you can see the stripes and the ruffled top. Totally goes in the oven and is a show-stopper. My mom always said pretty food tastes better.

Hand-painted pottery. This is the top of the Alfresco Pie Plate.

So I'm still new at loading and arranging photos on this thing. You were supposed to see this photo *after* seeing the French Wire Tiered Stand. This is the pie plate resting on the middle tier of the tiered stand. Above you see it resting in the middle tier. It's a beautiful and easy way to create interesting height to a table.

The French Wire Tiered Stand. It comes apart easily and secures together tightly. Here, it's shown with just the top and bottom tiers.....because the middle tier is holding up the pie plate :) You can also put the decorative top on just the large, bottom basket. This may become the new home for my counter veggies and fruit (garlic, onions, bananas, limes, etc.)
Next to it is the Verde Berry Bowl. It has holes in the bottom of the bowl! It makes it a great piece for washing fruit, but really, it helps your berries or grapes breathe while they're on your counter. It keeps the ones on the bottom from getting yucky before you get to them! Brilliant!

Continental Kitchen Oven Mit. Adds a bit of fun. These would be beautiful monogramed and given as a gift!

Ahhhhh, the thing I was looking MOST forward to in my kit!!! Hyacinth Covered Casserole and Highland Casserole Caddy. Beauty and function in one! Oven safe and no need for a trivet (mine can stay beautifully hung on my kitchen wall) because the iron caddy holds the dish off the table! The light green color varies from piece to piece because they're hand done. I think mine's on the lighter side, but sooo beautiful!

The *other* cover of our fall catalog. I'm having a hard time deciding which I like best!

So, can I bring these pieces and a few others to your home this month (August is double hostess dollars month....the hostess from last night (that'd be me) is going to get $400 free to spend in the catalog! I'm thinking of getting a new set of dishes....but oh, Italian Stitch or Villa Stoneware?!?!) and share some awesome design and decorating ideas with your friends?! Can I? Last night was so much fun I can't wait to do it again!

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