Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coffee and Grapes

Grapes in my verde berry bowl. So it looks like there's powder on the green grapes...must just be the flash on the wetness. The grapes were awesome!

The girls.....noshing on the grapes.

She was *not* happy that I kept asking her to look at me.

Love love love easy, healthy snacks for the girls!

End of the day. Granted, there was another child here for several hours this morning....but she doesn't eat much. We pretty much polished them off ourselves :) We'll see if we do in fact turn INto grapes overnight.

Ok, new topic. My friend Joanna taught me how to cold brew coffee. You put the grounds (it's best if you get beans and do a course grind on them yourself. If you use the pre ground beans that are basically brown powder, you get a lot of grounds in the liquid. So anyway, Joanna gave me a water to grounds ratio, but the last two times I've done it, I've just put enough water to cover and saturate the grounds (also easier to do on a course grind compared to a fine grind) and that's worked out just fine.
So I put the water over the grounds in one of my SLAH canisters and leave it on the counter covered with a paper towel for 12-24 hours. After that, I strain it through cheese cloth covering a colinder (I don't have a fancy mesh strainer....or even an un-fancy mesh strainer). It then gets stored in a covered container (see pic below) in the fridge.

So, these are my non-dairy, still yummy coffee mixing friends. The Vanilla Hazelnut is awesome, but you use so much...I use the vanilla almond milk as a filler. So, in a cup of ice, put like seriously 1/3 of a cup (no more than 1/2 a cup) of the cold brewed coffee (it is SERIOUSLY strong!) and then fill your cup with the yummyness. It makes an awesome concoction! Enjoy!


Julie said...

I just found your blog. I love that green bowl! We've been feeding Lex grapes here, too. Connor doesn't want anything to do with them.

Sarah said...

Julie, I love that bowl! It came in my Willow House Enhancement kit. It has holes in the bottom to help the fruit breathe! I don't have slimy grapes anymore!