Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And Then Monday Happened......

So, Saturday night was my 15-year high school reunion. I had a great time. See how nicely we clean up? Well, Ben was "fresh" from the golf course, but I still think he looks pretty cute :)

I was all geared up to blog about how really, not much had changed...not much weight was gained or lost, very few people looked drastically different, mostly, people talked to the same people they talked to 15 years ago. Not much had changed except my desire for company upon going to the bathroom. Fifteen years ago, going alone was a sign of social outcast...ment. Now, it's a luxury and I was oh so happy for the opportunity to go all on my own like three times!!
So I was all ready to write about my night.....and then Monday happened.
Normally, Mondays aren't that big of a deal for me....the only difference between Sunday and
Monday for me is church...and sometimes we go to church on Monday too :) It's me and the girls...me and the girls....me and the girls. Ben's around, but usually working on one of a million projects....all I'm saying is, normally Mondays aren't a huge shock to my system.
So Monday rolls around...we get up, get dressed, brush teeth...I'm thinking we're doing pretty well. Head to the chiro. Find out M has an ear infection, but she's not been complaining, so we're just going to deal with it as usual. Got some ideas and we went on our way.
Regularly, since it's on the way and we're out anyway, I run to the grocery store on my way home. I'm feeling good....got lots of $1 off coupons, spotted some good deals....savvy shopper here.
Go to check out. Only spent $100 ($106 to be exact)...feeling pretty good.
And then I go to pay.
And I don't have my debit card.
Well, I have the debit card for my Willow House account, but I don't keep much money in there.
I know there's some, so we give it a try....denied. Shame!
I have some cash! So, I give her the $48 I have (which is remarkable...clearly I didn't yard sale this weekend!) and try again with the debit card....denied. Double shame!
So I have to suspend the order....all the while thinking about my Almond Dream bites (ice "cream") that is surely just soup in the bottom of the container by now....and head home to locate my card (think back to reunion....I put my card in my pants pocket so I didn't have to carry my whole wallet....I didn't have my driver's license either). Thankfully they were willing to put my whole card in the produce cooler so it wouldn't all be a loss. Hopefully.
So there goes the poor bagger with my cart filled to the brim with melting groceries (but packed nicely in my reusable bags.....I forget my card, but of course, have an abundance of reusable shopping bags! Of course!) back to the cooler. And I walk out...head hanging low (but sporting my new sling....so there's always a silver lining).
And then I see it.....there's a PNC bank in the parking lot of the Kings Mills Krogers. Will they let me withdraw money from my account? I can't go through the ATM because I don't have the right card. Maybe, just maybe! Oh crap....I don't have my license either. Hmmmm. But I DO have my military ID!!! Horray for the military!
The lady inside was super nice and super pregnant (with henna on her hands....thinking of Tara, I asked if she had done a blessingway....she said it was a ceremony before the wedding....awkward!) and she gave me the money! I'm thinking $100 should cover it, because it was just short like $60 the last time I ran the card (FYI, there was like $30 in my WH account).
So I'm feeling good about solving my problem without having to go all the way home. Head held high (and kids in the car....shhhh don't tell), I march back into Krogers with my crisp $100 bill to retrieve my nicely bagged groceries and get home before anything else happens. The lady scans my suspended receipt....and says....."That's $106.21." NOOOOOOOO!
Back out to the car for SIX DOLLARS (why did I need to bring in my wallet? I had my $100!). I AM SUCH A SPAZ!!!!
At least I gave them something to talk about on their lunch break right? Can you believe some people go grocery shopping without any money?!?!
So after grocery shopping trip from Spaz Hell, I head to Landen to hit up this awesome Smokehouse (Landen Smokehouse to be exact) that Dr. Matt (the most awesomest chiropractor in the world!) has recommended (he saw the Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce that Christina had brought me (because I left it in her car) and during my adjustment, we planned a whole meal...I was super stoked to surprise Ben and had gotten all the fixins, except pulled pork, at Krogers).
I'm pretty frustrated by the grocery experience, but still happy to surprise Ben with an awesome dinner...so we plow through.
We get to Landen Smokehouse....which has a totally empty parking lot. I'm thinking, it's noon! Surely they're open....ah yes, the sign says they open at 11. And the paper taped to the door says they've had a family emergency, are closed and will open again as soon as possible! Drat!!!
No pulled pork.
Grrr.....I'm taking my melty groceries and going home!
Never fear....the day did pick up....eventually. It was a long afternoon...and evening...but then Daddy got home....and I got to leave. I thought about staying and seeing if everyone wanted to go on a family walk....especially since Daddy has something going on several nights this week....and then I thought better of it.
So off to Norwood I go. Went for a nice visit with Jesus. I mostly just cried. And apologized for being the worst housewife ever. He of course forgave me and loved me. I felt better. And was so curious about the sisters in habits behind me, but thought it rude (and terrible inappropriate) to turn my back on Christ to gawk at the sisters :)
On my way home, I had an impromptu (BY MYSELF!) stop and Trader Joe's. Still didn't have my debit card, of course, but I did have some cash and knew I wasn't going to spend too much.
Found out that TJ's chocolate chips do not have milk in them....nor does saltwater taffy. Got some suckers for the girls, more mango sorbet and some sweet potato chips. Good, fun trip.
Then home. Girls asleep, chatted with hubby, played a game (put S back to sleep) and went to bed!
This morning when I got up....I put my card back in my wallet :)


Mariah said...

Sounds like a rough day. I was wondering what was going on. Now I know. Don't get too down on yourself, Sarah, we all have days like that. I'm amazed at your dedication. I think I would have given up at some point. So more power to you...and you are an awesome housewife and mother.

Sarah said...

Yeah, so Landen Smokehouse was open today. Ben stopped by, had some lunch and brought me shredded pork....about an hour after I had gotten a pork shoulder from Butcher Bill's. Oh well....we'll eat well twice I suppose :)

You up for shredded pork sammies? :)